Monday, October 06, 2008

Day 8-10 post ACL ..

Had a doctors appointment on thursday. The doc was quite pleased with the progress (and his handiwork) and suggested that I continue pushing hard and learning exercises from the web. He showed me a few new things to try out and I'll incorporate those into my thrice a day PT. (knee bends and hamstring curls)

Have stopped taking all medication (i.e. the tylenol). I'm able to put a fair amount of weight on the knee and can walk around the house without the ace bandage or the immobilizer. I use the cane to provide a wee bit of support if needed. Not having those two things really helps me a lot (since it caused a fair amount of discomfort). I've enlisted the kids to help me with PT. So they press on the knee and count to 20 or so. They also do the leg lifts next to me. So thats kinda fun.

Had a pretty long day outside with mari, lara and the kids yesterday (farmers market, dolores playground, tacubaya and then oakland airport). Was quite exhausted at the end of it. Figured that 3 hours or so outside is my limit before which i need to just lay back and rest for some time. Hopefully this number will go up this week. The food at tacubaya's was quite good. We had the veggie tostada, banana tamales, chicken tostada (for kids), chips and guac and menudo. Would be good to have a place like that in the city. Unfortunately sketch was closed for the second time a row at 5:00 pm. Need to send them mail :( Luckily the kids take it in stride. We had a chocolate cake (with some spicy mexican chocolate sprinkled in there) at tacubaya's instead. Was wolfed down by the kids (and mari and lara) at an amazingly fast rate (i.e. i managed to only get one small spoon!)

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