Friday, October 03, 2008

Day 6 / 7 after ACL surgery ..

Fortunately day 6 was more like the first few days after the surgery rather than like day 5. Was glad that day 5 was over and done with. Realized that I'm in a bit more pain towards the end of the day, and it might just be the fact that the body is tired etc

Got the PT drills down quite nicely. So doing more reps and for longer periods of time. Realized that the brace and compression bandage are a significant part of the uncomfort, so now I remove them when not needed. It helps that the swelling has reduced significantly. However, this means I need to make sure I have all the stuff needed within easy reach (since putting them on is an exercise by itself). Need to figure out a more efficient moving technique without the brace (crutches?), so i can lie down and stretch as needed.

Had a decent lunch at Shalimar with Lara, Mari and Dave. Being outside and chatting with other folks makes it much easier to deal with (since u r not thinking about the knee etc). Mari and Jill took marley and maya to the asian art museum in the evening. I had the task of entertaining and putting PJ to sleep. We had a small scoop of icecream and walked over to dave's place. They had already left, so PJ was a bit sad and wanted to go to someone else's house to play. We came back home, and spent some time opening the spanish material from la clase divertida. Hopefully their material is better than their customer service (awful, did not respond to email / phone calls). Read a few stories to PJ on her bed and came close to falling asleep there. Had a decent sleep last nite, tossed and turned a bit more than normal.

Having a hard time focussing and sitting for an extended period. So my work productivity is quite awful. However i'm making up by doing customer support and squashing minor bugs in CiviCRM. Hopefully the focus will come back in a few more days

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