Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Resurrecting the blog once again ...

So we are now in the midst of the kids growing up and becoming super active. About to embark on a couple of adventures this summer, and this makes a good time for the blog to be resurrected. I'm hoping to twist the kids arms to do most of the writing and photos.

First off is a bike trip from Astoria, Oregon to Eureka, California. We plan on doing this in 10-12 days and will be fairly please if we make it to Crescent City or Redwood National Park.

After that, we are off to India, with a short stop in Paris for 4 days. We expect to do lots of walking and eating in Paris and visit some old friends. From Paris we head to Mumbai for a couple of days before heading to Ladakh to volunteer with 17000 ft foundation. We'll be teaching for 3 weeks at a school in Zanskar Valley.

We hope to wrap the India trip with a quick beach vacation in Goa, before heading back home to San Francisco. The kids need to recover from their vacation and get ready for school.

Onwards and Upwards ....

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